I find your brand magnetism and define the elements of attraction to help your brand succeed in the marketplace.


MY Mission

Shake It Up:  My mission is to help clients develop a clear, crisp, unique story that stands out from the masses.  I shake it up and take a fresh look to frame a relevant, powerful story.  Then I develop a strategy to communicate it to key stakeholders.  

Clean It Up:  My skill is cutting to the chase to understand the core issues and strategically communicate them to target audiences.   I have honed my craft during years of engagement with leading brands in the lifestyle, food, fashion/beauty, wine, travel/tourism, healthcare/pharma, energy, not-for-profit, tech and financial arenas.

You can’t solve the problem with the same thinking that caused it.
— Einstein


  • Messaging - When you know you need to say something, but don’t quite know how to effectively put it out there.
  • Issues/Reputation Management - When you know you are heading for a disaster and need a plan to avert trouble.  I also help clients identify vulnerabilities to get ahead of a potential crisis.
  • Coaching - Just knowing the right messages is not the same as actually articulating them.  Whether your audience is a television studio, a print reporter, a board room, government officials or employees I help clients learn how to say it with panache.
  • Content Creation - So many channels to talk to — so much content to fill the pages.  I help my clients develop an editorial strategy that will bring the right message to the right stakeholders.
  • Partnerships/Influencers - Sometimes it helps to work together.  I identify the right strategic alliances that will bring your communications to a higher level — and expose your brand to new audiences.
  • Strategic Media Relations - There’s nothing like third party endorsement to add more credibility to your story.  I work with clients to identify high-level media and develop a brand story that resonates.
  • Employee Engagement - I work with smart companies to make sure their employees are all singing from the same hymnal. Studies show a measurable effect on corporate valuation when employees are engaged.
  • Events - An event needs to be more than a party to make it worth the expense.  I help clients focus on the right venue, the right influencers and the right results.