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Branding a mass market beauty bar

When is a soap more than cleanser?   When it's a beauty bar positioned as the brand for real women.  The challenge was finding an authentic niche for a mass-market soap.  A strategic public relations program grew into an iconic, decades-long campaign targeted to real women and built a campaign that speaks to women across America.  


bringing mediterranean olive oil to u.s. pantries

Olive oil was not very popular in the United States for many years, yet there were many Mediterranean countries whose economies needed the export market that the U.S. offered.  I worked with a United Nations consortium of Mediterranean countries to spur economic development through olive oil sales.  A ten-year program ultimately branded olive oil as an essential kitchen ingredient for American cooks and made olive oil the fastest growing category in U.S. supermarkets and specialty stores. 



Changing the conversation

When it came to staying relevant, pork was just not on the menu.  It was surrounded by old concepts, misconceptions and market resistance.  By branding it "The Other White Meat," we changed the conversation around pork and developed an image that put it back in the best kitchens in America.